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Psychotherapy & Counseling Services

At Coral Valley, we offer psychotherapy and counseling services to address a variety of mental health concerns. While our therapists employ a variety of therapeutic modalities, the therapeutic relationship lies at the center of our theory of change. Below are a few common treatment areas in which we specialize.

Note that this list is not exhaustive. 

Worry, Stress, & Anxiety

Worry is a natural human emotion. Our worries may be rooted in past hurtful experiences, present stressful circumstances, or anticipatory fears about the future. Worrying can also become an unconscious and debilitating habit, presenting like chronic anxiety. If you are struggling with worries that feel like "too much"—perhaps they are interfering with your ability to concentrate at work, to sleep well at night, or to be present with your loved ones—it may be time to seek support. Through integrative psychotherapeutic techniques, Coral Valley clinicians will help you to identify the origins of your anxiety, experience, express, and process related emotions, and problem-solve toward peaceful resolutions. Coral Valley clinicians offer evidence-based support to address generalized anxiety, social anxiety, adjustment disorders, and specific phobias.

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

While everyone experiences distress from time to time, some traumatic events impact us in particularly devastating ways, leaving us with seemingly insurmountable emotional and psychological scars. Coral Valley offers a variety of research-based psychotherapeutic interventions to reduce your PTSD symptoms while accompanying you through a process of meaning-making, healing, and posttraumatic growth. Coral Valley clinicians have experience working with survivors of a range of traumas, including, but not limited to, military combat, adult and childhood sexual trauma, immigration-related traumas, and posttraumatic grief.

Relationship Challenges

Even the healthiest and happiest of couples can benefit from Couples Therapy, in which your relationship is considered the client of focus. Once the primary issues you are facing as a couple have been identified, and your goals have been refined, we will work together to build and practice communication skills within a respectful and productive environment, facilitating change-focused conversation, action, and growth. 

Acculturation Challenges & Racial-Ethnic Identity Development

Coral Valley Clinicians have research, clinical, and personal experience with multicultural identity development issues. As such, we are uniquely trained to support you in fostering a deeper understanding of how the intersection of your identities (documentation status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, etc.) impacts your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Learn about the insidious nature of microaggressions in a validating, safe environment where you will never be told you're "being too sensitive."

Anger Management

Anger is a natural human emotion, and experiencing anger is integral to our health. The healthy expression of anger is imperative to the maintenance of healthy relationships, productive lifestyles, and self-actualization. If you are struggling with managing and channeling your anger in adaptive and healthy ways, Coral Valley can help you explore the origins of your anger and teach you adaptive ways of coping with it in order to help you understand, manage, and express your anger —and whatever may be lying beneath its surface—more effectively.

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