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Psychological Evaluations

Psychologists are uniquely trained to offer specialized psychological testing services involving the administration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized instruments and assessments that inform diagnoses and treatment recommendations. See below for a general summary of the psychological testing options offered by Coral Valley Psychologists and/or Doctoral Student Clinicians under the supervision of Dr. Taveras. All assessment services are available in English and Spanish.

Immigration-Related Psychological Evaluations

At Coral Valley, we offer Psychological Evaluations for immigration-related purposes (i.e., Asylum, VAWA, hardship waivers, U-Visas, etc.) in English or Spanish for detained and non-detained individuals seeking support with their immigration hearings.


 Current collaborators include the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (FIRRP), New Frontier Immigration Law, and various other local attorneys dedicated to immigration matters. 

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Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

Coral Valley also offers psychoeducational assessments (Independent Educational Evaluations, or IEEs) to identify underlying learning disorders and/or giftedness among school- age children and young adults.

 As a former dual language (English/Spanish) teacher,  instructional coach, and expanded learning time program director in NYC public schools, Dr. Taveras's experience in the education space coupled with her knowledge of psychological testing yields thorough, accurate results with actionable recommendations for children, families, and educators. 

Personality & Other Psychodiagnostic Assessments

Coral Valley also offers psychological assessments to address other common concerns including personality organization and psychosocial/intellectual functioning for adults.

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