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Our Origins

Despite her Caribbean heritage, Dr. Taveras spent most of her childhood marveling at the coral sunrises and sunsets here in the Valley of the Sun.

While in some cultures, valleys signal desolation and despair, in others, they symbolize

fertility and abundance, opportunity and healing.

To us at Coral Valley Psychological Services, the breathtaking beauty of creamsicle-colored skies speaks to the power of perseverance and the hope of healing in the face of any challenge, regardless of its perceived insurmountability.

For a look at Coral Valley's Origin Story, click here to read a brief article published in

the Ahwatukee Foothills News. 


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission at Coral Valley is to support you through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of life through the provision of evidence-based, culturally curious psychological interventions within the frame of an empathic, therapeutic relationship—in English, Spanish, or both. 

We envision a future in which all clients have access to the caliber of psychological services that they knowingly or unknowingly seek and truly deserve, in the absence of constraints of any kind, be they financial, cultural (stigma), geographic, or other. 

Our Services 

Coral Valley offers psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, and psychoeducational training services in English and Spanish for a variety of concerns. Coral Valley clinicians specialize in various treatment approaches, and collectively fall under an “integrative” umbrella, with the therapeutic relationship lying at the center of our theory of change. Most commonly employed modalities include person-centered, relational, emotion-focused, and cognitive behavioral therapies offered through a multiculturally curious and reflective lens. 


Psychological evaluation services primarily include psychological assessments for immigration-related purposes, psychodiagnostic assessments for adults, as well as psychoeducational assessments (also known as Independent Educational Evaluations or IEEs) for the identification of learning differences, ADHD, and intellectual giftedness in children, adolescents, and adults. 

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Our Values


At Coral Valley, we are curious about our clients. We do not pretend to be the “experts” on their lives or lived experiences, but, rather, embody and express curiosity regarding who they are and who they aspire to be. We are curious about our clients’ cultural and relational identities, and are continually exploring their ongoing growth and development through this lens of curiosity. 



At Coral Valley, we believe in corrective emotional experiences, and as such, prioritize authentically connecting with our clients. Since therapeutic relationships are at the core of our theory of change, we place connection with our clients at the center of our work. This connection extends to our interpersonal relationships with our team members, supervisors, and supervisees. We are all stronger together. 



At Coral Valley, none of us knows everything about anything. While we may identify with our clients, we do not know what is best for them. While we may be trained in certain therapeutic modalities, we are imperfect in our implementation. We reflect on our mistakes and seek consultation along the way. 



At Coral Valley, we are constantly learning. We aspire to be at the cutting edge of evidence-based intervention. We are tirelessly reading, engaging in professional development, and turnkeying our newly-acquired knowledge to our team and beyond. 



At Coral Valley, we are grounded in our values, our training, and our very selves. We root our decisions and interventions in our core values. We remember the evidence-based foundation of our work.  We take time to care for and nurture ourselves so that we may bring the best version of ourselves to our therapeutic and professional relationships. Doing so enables us to live and work according to our values and to trust our grounded intuition along the way. 

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