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Recent workshops and training opportunities offered by Coral Valley Psychological Services to our local partners are summarized below.


Send us a message if you are interested in development opportunities in these (or related) areas. We will set up an initial consultation to discuss your and your organization's needs to create a unique workshop to address them!

Trauma-Informed Interventions for Helping Professionals
April 2022

An original one-hour training offered to the legal team at ALWAYS—Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services—in support of their important and challenging work with immigrant survivors of trauma.

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Mental Health & Evolving Workplace Norms
June 2021

A virtual presentation designed to identify various employee/employer concerns regarding resuming in-person work, with an emphasis upon how to manage ensuing complex emotions in an effective, healthy manner. 

To view the presentation, click here: Managing Complex Emotions associated with Resuming In-Person Work

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Working with clients with
"Mental Health Symptoms"

April 2021

A psychoeducational workshop for immigration attorneys serving detained immigrants who struggle with mental health symptoms, offered in collaboration with a team of forensic psychologists based in the Valley.

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Coping with Vicarious Trauma
April 2020

An original three-part training series on Coping with Vicarious Trauma and Building Vicarious Resilience, presented to psychologists affiliated with the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Africa.

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Multidirectional Microaggressions within the Therapeutic Dyad: Practical and Ethical Considerations
Arizona Psychological Association
Annual Conference: October 2021

A 90-minute presentation highlighting the identification and management of multidirectional microaggressions in therapeutic relationships, as well as offering practical and ethical considerations regarding how to move through them. 

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Embracing Change
June 2021

A professional developmental workshop highlighting healthy ways to manage and grow through change. 

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Feeling our Feelings
April 2021

A virtual presentation designed to bolster emotion processing among adolescents struggling to make sense of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Multidirectional Microaggressions in the Therapeutic Dyad
December 2021; April 2020; December 2020; December 2021

An original two-hour training offered to Phoenix VA Clinical Psychology Interns regarding the identification and management of bidirectional microaggressions in therapeutic relationships with clients. 

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Workshops and Training

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